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Hand dyed YUKATA by Takeshi Nakajima 





 色のゆらぎや滲みは季節や天気によって変化し、それらは唯一の個性となる 人は聞こえない音を身体で聞いているという。目に映るものも多分同じだと思う 。

雄大な自然を見た時、人の笑顔を見た時、素晴らしい芸術を見た時 その時、人の目は、見えるものの奥側をまで見ている気がする。 




The time and moment change to a pattern and will be timeless. Color fluctuations and bleeding change depending on the season and weather. And that also makes the personalities. People are hearing sounds that they can not hear using a body. I think the same thing probably happens when you see something beautiful like magnificent nature, people smile and wonderful art. At that time, it seems that human eyes are looking deep into the visible. Dyeing by hand also has such depth and beauty which feel by not only eyes but also a body. That's why I want to keep dyeing with my whole heart like write a letter.

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